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HER Review
HER is a new, ultra flexible bisexuals app made particularly for lesbian, pansexual, bisexual as well as queer woman. This is a contemporary hybrid of social networking and dating. Setting up a profile is fast and easy.
Easy Registration
Facebook is needed to register for Her as it assist to keep out pitiable men who get down by pretending bisexual online. Your profile on this dating site could be as simple or as in-depth as you like to be.
Why Choose HER?
HER is indeed the best and the biggest application for queer women, bisexual as well as lesbian from all parts of the globe. Surround yourself with latest amazing buddies, go on dates, look for local lesbian events in your area or simply chat with other members. Joining HER is free and what is more it doesn’t have advertisements and no charges. This is the most notorious app for lesbian. You can get to know each gay and bisexual woman you’ve ever wanted to meet. Her is also critically acclaimed dating app. Loved by press, critics as well as members. It has simple yet very beautiful design. It has friendly settings and lots of members to chat with. HER is not that your typical dating site. Here you can read the latest LGBT news, know what is happening to our world and make friends and find partner. Meet lesbians in your area and go to local events.Visit BiCupid

Essential Features

  • Verified Accounts: No fake uses and no men allowed. HER is a safe platform for LGBT community. This gives you an assurance that you’re talking with real gays and lesbians.
  • Easy to Register: Disregard lame forms, you can utilize private one-click registration with social networking site like Instagram or Facebook to chat with other members.
  • Likes: You can send “like” to other members. Fast and no unwelcomed messages.
  • Add Friends: You can add friends to keep in touch with them always
  • Local User: You can use Meet features to swipe in others members who are online
  • Posts: You can ask queries to the LGBT community or you can tell each one all over the world what you are up to.
  • Link: You can post, watch, read, listen as well as comment the best queer links and even videos you have today.
  • Queer Events: Shared through the community in your place. Meet ups, festivals, parties as well as other occasions related to LGBT.
  • Notification: You can reply to each like, comment as well as match you have received.
  • Relationship Scheme: Are you in a relationship? No problem you can let everyone knows that you are just searching for a friend or a companion and not a dating or relationship.

There are many good reasons why you need to register on this site such as:

  • Easy to register
  • Free to join
  • Lots of amazing features
  • Lots of members


  • Despite of the many benefits this dating app offer it also comes with minor issues such as there is an issue in privacy and only ideal to gay and lesbian.

If you are looking for bisexual social apps dedicated to gays, lesbian and LGBT community, you need to consider HER. It has lots of amazing features that take you dating experience to a higher level.

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