Top 10 Things Not To Do When Dating Bisexual People
Posted by | Sep.10,2017

Finding a bisexual dating partner is incredibly easier as you go online. You'll find hundreds of bisexuals apps, most of them offer features profiles, chats, contact, membership, and so forth. Today, Some vendors of bisexual dating sites have developed their bisexual dating apps. It can be concluded that having a bisexual partner isn't a big deal today. However, as you can go on a bisexual date, there are several things you must not do...

1. Judging The Side

Don't ever judge your bisexual partner whether he/she have decided to be male or female gender. Bisexuality isn't an experiment, it's an actual and empirical sexual orientation. Never doubt your partner's bisexuality you'll hurt him/her

2. Considering Bisexuality as Phase or Euphoria

bisexuality is real, even though some people have a different natural cause of it. Bisexuality is a person's choice. This is not a phase or a euphoria, bisexuals like to be bisexuals just like other straight people who like to be straight. You shouldn't ever offense and demean his/her orientation and choice, watch your tongue.

3. Doubting the Bisexuality

Bisexuality isn't a role playing nor something that they put on for some time. Your bisexual partner is always a bisexual no matter what season, time, or year it is. Never show any doubt about his/her bisexuality.

4. Genital thing Offense

It's probably can’t be handled by most of the closed minded people that most of the bisexuals are happy to be in a monogamous relationship. They don't miss another set of genitals as you're exclusive with her/him. So, never offense him/her by judging him/her missing a set of genitals. You're an individual for him/her, not a genital.

5. Judging Them as Sexually Greedy

The sexual greediness causality relation with certain sexual orientation hasn't been proven by any scientific research or report. Even your bisexual partner is sexually active never demean him/her to be sexually greedy because of his bisexuality.

6. Accusing bisexuals as Cheater

Cheating is a corrupting action done by bisexual, gay, straight, or lesbian. Cheating is a personal decision, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. By accusing a bisexual a cheater, you will certainly have a poor dating.

7. Accusing Bisexual as Low on Commitment

As mentioned before, many of bisexuals are happy with the monogamous relationship. A bisexual dating has nothing to do with a low level of commitment, it purely depends on the personal character. When you're on a date never offense this matter.

8. Accusing Bisexual of Spreading HIV

HIV spreads are the consequences of any unsafe sex done by straights, gays, lesbian, or bisexuals. It's about the medical reasoning not a sexual orientation. You may not offense your bisexual partner for this HIV matter. Safe sex is your top priority.

9. Generating Bisexuals as Threesomes

As previously mentioned that bisexuals fight for their monogamous relationship. In fact, bisexuals don't like threesomes, they prefer a committed relationship. Threesome is just an option just like for straight and other sexual orientations.

10. Underestimating/Demeaning Bisexuals

Bisexuals are small in number, but the existence is definitely forming an authentic relationship. You need to main your bisexual dating carefully, enjoy it don't let anyone annoy it.